Personnel Committee Documents

As outlined in the by-laws of the Acton Congregational Church, the Personnel Committee is a permanent sub-committee of the Board of Trustees and was formed to provide support and counsel to the Trustees and the church’s managers relating to employment matters. At Acton Congregational Church, the Senior Minister serves as the leader of the paid staff, to whom all staff members report either directly or indirectly. The Senior Minister, in turn, reports to the Church Council.

The primary role of the Personnel Committee is to establish and monitor policies and procedures that support the church’s hiring, compensation, supervision, and if necessary, termination of the employment of staff in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and church policy. It also promotes employment practices that respect, motivate and retain church staff, and acts as a resource to the minister and other supervisors.  It periodically reviews church staffing and compensation/benefits structure, and makes recommendations as appropriate to the Board of Trustees.

Three documents provide information regarding Personnel matters at ACC: The Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual; an Employee Handbook; and the Ministers' Supplement to the Employee Handbook. All three are available by clicking on the links to the left.