Christmas and Holiday Services

Longest Night – December 22, 7 pm


The Longest Night service will be offered virtually and will be broadcast live from our sanctuary. In this sacred time of prayer, silence, Scripture reading, sacred music, and candle-lighting, we will come together to acknowledge the sadness, grief, depression, and anxiety that can and do take hold of our hearts, minds, and souls during the year-end holiday season.
COVID-19 will change the way we celebrate our most beloved Christmas traditions. Families may be unable to gather around the tree. Friends will be scattered. Loved ones will be missing from the table. Christmas dinners will be celebrated virtually. Church buildings will be empty. The darkness of these days can easily keep us from seeing the Light that is still coming into our hearts on Christmas. The Longest Night service creates a space where we can name the darkness in our lives and in the world and still have the strength to open whole selves to the saving and liberating love of God that became flesh in Jesus Christ.
—Rev. Paulo