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Swift to Serve

this fall!

2016 Annual Appeal

Our Theme: The Swift Express


Our church has chosen an exciting Swift Express program for the 2016 Annual Appeal, which will officially start on Sunday, October 23th, when the Swift Express 'run' will get underway.

This year, our stewardship campaign has a theme based on 'Fearless Generosity.'

The Swift Express method, used successfully in thousands of other churches nationwide, is styled after the famous Pony Express mail relay system. It relies heavily on team work. We have named our "run" the Swift Express in honor of our first minister, Rev. John Swift. He blessed the Acton Minute Men and then rallied the community to support the widows and orphans of Capt Davis, Pvt. Hosmer and Pvt. Hayward, who gave their lives for a new nation.

Bryon Beilman leads the campaign as General Manager, guiding and organizing 35 Captains.  The Swift Express is organized according to the following guidelines.

Each Captain is responsible for a neighborhood Swift Express Route composed of ten homes. Each family functions as a route rider, relaying a saddlebag to a nearby family.

Each member family receives the saddlebag containing stewardship reading material and blank pledge cards. After reading the material, each family fills in a card, seals it in an opaque envelope and inserts the envelope in the saddlebag. When done, a member of the family hand-carries the bag to the next family on the route list.

The Swift Express enables each of us to make a decision about giving to God through Acton Congregational Church in the privacy of our homes, without another member of the church present to solicit a response.

The Swift Express theme was chosen as we remembered how important messages were shared during the Revolutionary War. The secret of their success lay in their ability to work as a team – each dedicated rider depended on the other to make the relay system work and speed the mail to its next destination. Also, we think of Rev. Swift. He was Swift to Serve and united the community to support those in need.

In the same way, the success of Acton Congregational Church depends on the dedication, commitment, and team work of each of our members.