"There are different types of spiritual gifts, but the same Spirit gives them. There are different ways of serving, but the same Lord is served. There are different ways to perform service, but the same God gives ability to all for their particular service. The Spirit's presence is shown in some way in each person for the good of all."—Paul to Corinth, I Corinthians 12

Boards and Committees

Acton Congregational Church Boards

ACC board members serve a three year term beginning in January at the Annual Meeting. They work with the ministers to oversee the running of the church. A board member is assigned as a liaison to each committee. If you would like to serve on a board please contact our Senior Minister, Rev. Andy Armstrong, at andy@actonc.org.

Board of Deacons

The Board consists of eight to twelve deacons who assist the Senior Minister in the preparation and administration of the ordinances of the Church. The Board aids the Senior Minister in the spiritual care of the Church and community.

Board of Trustees

The Board consists of eight to twelve trustees, acting on behalf of the congregation. The Board of Trustees is responsible for the physical assets and financial affairs of the Church, including all real and personal property. The Board employs all Church staff other than the Ministers.

Church Council

The Church Council consists of the Moderator, the Vice Moderator, one member designated by each of the Board of Deacons, the Board of Trustees, and the Missions & Outreach Committee (or their designates), and three members at large elected by the Church at the Annual Meeting. The Senior Minister shall also serve as an ex-officio non-voting member of the Church Council.  The Church Council is responsible for long range planning and for the efficient operation of the Church and its organizations. The Council takes actions and makes recommendations to the Church regarding such activities and interests as it deems advisable. 

Acton Congregational Church Committees

Committee members serve a three year term beginning in January after being confirmed by the congregation at our Annual Congregational Meeting. If you would like join a committee please contact the chair of the Nominating Committee, Kim Laster. Current committees are listed below, along with their charter and meeting times.

Adult Christian Education - Coordinates a comprehensive ministry of Christian education and understanding for adults of the Church. This committee is currently taking a break.

Buildings & Grounds Team - Volunteers who support the Trustees and Church Sexton in maintaining our beautiful campus.

Children's Ministry Team - Supports our children's Sunday School and faith formation program for children and families.

Memorial & Special Gifts - Alerts the Church community to opportunities for special giving; writes thank you notes to those giving memorial or special gifts to the church.

Missions and Outreach - Arranges financial support and volunteer services to a wide range of local community projects.

Music Ministry Team - Enhances worship by providing opportunities for people to discover, develop and share their musical gifts. This Team is currently taking a break.

Nominating - Connects Church members with Church committees and ministries.

Personnel - Ensures the church is properly staffed and is a fair employer. 

Sanctuary Guild - Provides an aesthetically pleasing sanctuary, including coordination of floral arrangements for Sunday worship.

Stewardship - Organizes and administers our annual pledge campaign and year-round fundraising to fund our Church's mission.

UCC Conference Delegate - Represents ACC at meetings of the Conference.

Ushers - Organizes usher staffing at all worship services.

Visitation Ministry Team - Supports and extends the Church's ministry of visitation.

Welcoming Ministry Team - Welcomes newcomers to the church on Sunday morning.

Youth Ministry Team - Supports our ministry to the youth of our Church community.