Church Leadership Resources

This page is offered as a collection of resources to help our church leadership team and those who support them on our committees to quickly find information available to help them in their ministries. Information or forms may be accessed by clicking on the titles below.

Advertising Opportunities: As a committee member or chair, you may find yourself needing to advertise a particular event internally or externally. This document provides a list of what opportunities are available, what content you need to provide, and to whom. The document also provides publication deadline dates.

Church Office Information: This document outlines the various reasons a committee chair or member might need to contact the Church staff for support, who is the right person to reach, and a brief description on the topic (including deadlines, where applicable). This 3-page document includes emergency numbers and email addresses for the staff.

Committee Goals: The blank sheet for use in preparing your committee goals for the year.

Calendar Event Checklist: If you are planning an event, complete this worksheet with the information needed by the church staff to assist you. The form will help you to consider what available advertising methods or resources you may want to use as well.

Chimes Deadlines: Due dates for Chimes articles.

Church Financial Policies: This page provides forms and procedures for handling special collections, requesting reimbursement or payment of an invoice, paying stipends to outsiders, etc.

Moment of Interest Protocol: If your group is planning a Moment of Interest during worship service(s), this document will provide guidance on scheduling and making sure that your message is heard.

Sample Agenda: For new committee chairs who are creating their first meeting agenda.

Sample Meeting Minutes: Possible format for monthly meeting notes.