Planned Giving

The Acton Congregational Church is pleased and grateful to receive both planned gifts during members and friends lifetime and memorial gifts made to honor their passing. Memorial gifts to ACC are often made at the request of the family. Gifts are also welcome in celebration a person or special event. Gifts will be invested in the Ministry, Missions, Maintenance, Music, and Mortgage of the Acton Congregational Church. Gifts either fund operational needs or are invested to preserve capital through an endowment.

Ongoing Funds & Endowment Fund

Acton Congregational Church provides for two categories of Planned Giving, Ongoing Funds and Endowment Funds. The primary objective of the Ongoing Funds is for operational needs where the full principal of a donation is available for use. The primary objective of the ACC Endowment Funds is for long term larger church needs and to preserve principal.

Areas of Need

The types of Ongoing Funds include: Ministry, Missions, Maintenance, Music, and Mortgage pay down. The type of Endowment Funds include: the Ministers’ Housing Fund, the Capital Fund, and the General Endowment Fund.

Types of Gifts

There are many types of gifts within the three broad categories of: Outright Gifts, Testamentary Bequests, and Gifts Deferred. For a full description, see Ways To Give menu.


We have included sample language for a will and for a trust to get you started. Click Here for sample will language and Click Here for sample trust language.

Examples of Planned Giving

Several generous members have given a bequest to the Acton Congregational Church. Click Here for more details.