Serving with Love

A Volunteer Task Board at ACC

A volunteer board called "Serving with Love" is one of the creative ways we are using to engage volunteers.  Check this webpage to see where your gifts may be used in the service of our church. Please contact Lisa Vingerhoet with any questions or suggestions about the process, or the contact person listed below to talk about the specific posting.

Have a task to add for your committee or ministry? Give Lisa Vingerhoet a call or fill out a form and send it via email to Lisa.

Current Needs



We are looking for new ushers for both the 9:15 and 11:15 services starting this fall. Ushering is a simple and important way to make our services positive experiences for all, and it's a great way to get to know your fellow church-goers. Bonuses include annual CPR training, and you get to learn how to ring the church bell.

     CONTACT:   Charlie Hartford (charlie.hartford@gmail.com) or
                       Dick Bersani (rabersani@gmail.com) for details. 
     POSTED: September 2017

Monday Morning Counting Team Member Needed

Monday mornings from 9am – 10:30am, our counting team needs a person to input information into our giving software.  It is an easy program that comes with training that makes it simple.  You will work with a partner throughout the year with the following schedule of two, two month segments – November, December, March & April.  The other months are covered by the other volunteer and planned days off to cover can be negotiated.

Contact: Trudy Khosla, trudy@actonc.org or 978.263.2728
Date: September 2017

Flower Arrangers

We are in need of some new flower volunteers to add to our group of arrangers responsible for the wonderful flowers in the Sanctuary.  The volunteer effort is small and you can sign up for a Sunday that works for you and your schedule. 

     CONTACT: Heather Makris, hfmakris2013@gmail.com
     POSTED: October 2016

Friday Morning Bulletin Help

Our team of Friday morning volunteers who put the inserts in our Sunday bulletin and help prepare the monthly Chimes mailing are in need of extra hands. If you are interested in joining the team regularly--or even occasionally-- let the office know.
     CONTACT: Trudy Khosla, 978-263-2728
     POSTED: September 2016


Special Weekly Project

The office has a special project that will require about an hour each week (flexible timing).  Please contact them to hear more about this volunteer opportunity.

     CONTACT: Trudy Khosla, 978-263-2728
     POSTED: September 2016

Chimes Production Coordinator

Learn to use Constant Contact to put together issues of The Chimes from our current Production Coordinator (Cindy Schimpf) and then share responsibility (every other month) to import edited articles into an existing template. The work can be done from home if you prefer. You will need to be comfortable learning new software and have adequate editing skills, but we’ll make sure you are ready before tackling an issue on your own!  Estimated time per issue is 5 to 6 hours (5 or 6 issues/year).

CONTACT: Cindy Schimpf, cindy@actonc.org
POSTED:   April 2015 (Revised post)



We are seeking a volunteer with a passion for our church, good organizational and communication skills, and some time each month to preserve our church archives. There are files, photographs, recorded sermons, documents, and artifacts stored throughout the church that need to be saved from deterioration, and documentation of these materials needs to be completed. The amount of time required each week and/or each month is flexible and can fit into your schedule.

CONTACT: Harry Mink hmink@alphabizgp.com or
                Allison Hammer allison.hammer70@gmail.com
POSTED:   April 2015


Office Support

Be one of our office volunteers, providing support that may include such tasks as answering the phone, greeting visitors, copying documents. Timing is flexible, generally in two-hour shifts.

CONTACT: Trudy Khosla, trudy@actonc.org
POSTED:   January 2015


Recently Filled

A sincere thank you to those of you who have followed our new Volunteer Board and volunteered your time and talents! The listings below were posted on the Volunteer Board and were recently filled.

Weekly Service Recorder

We need to add to our team of recorders who record our weekly Sunday service.   If you are in Worship on Sundays and would be willing to join a rotating schedule of volutneers to occasionally record a service, please contact Jonathan Kerr.   Training is offered!

       CONTACT:  Jonathan Kerr, 978-263-2078
       POSTED: August 2016

Cornerstone Thrift Shop

Additional volunteers are needed in the thrift shop on Fridays and Saturdays (10 AM - 2 PM).  A variety of tasks need to be done including sorting donations, replenishing inventory, and checking out customers.

CONTACT: Deanna Downs, 978-263-2931, deanna.downs@gmail.com
POSTED:   March 2015

Christmas Missions

The ACC missions done at Christmas not only touch many recipients in meaningful ways, they are often a tradition for ACC members/families. We are looking for volunteers to manage the following holiday missions: Operation Christmas Child (shoe boxes), Concord Prison Christmas gifts/cards, Mitten Tree, and Salvation Army Bell Ringing. 

          CONTACT:  missions@actonc.org to express interest via e-mail, or call Tom Gillispie, chairperson

          POSTED: October 2015

Fall Food Drive Coordinator:

With guidance from Missions & Outreach, publicize and run a food drive to benefit Acton Community Supper.

1. Working with the church staff, determine an appropriate Sunday for the drive.

2. Publicize in The Chimes, bulletin announcements, a moment of interest, etc.

3. Support logistics on the Sunday of the food drive.

4. Arrange for delivery of donations to the Acton Food Pantry. 

          CONTACT:  missions@actonc.org to express interest via e-mail, or call Tom Gillispie, chairperson

          POSTED: October 2015

ACC Website Updates

Learn our website software, Radius web tools, and help the staff and committees keep the pages up-to-date. This requires someone who is confident about learning a new software tool and also has a bit of “creative” spark. Can be done from your home PC for the most part if desired.

CONTACT: Trudy Khosla, trudy@actonc.org
POSTED:   February 2015

Chimes Editor

Is editing one of your strengths? If you are a fairly good speller, know how to shorten an article without changing its essence, and can easily recognize punctuation and grammar mistakes, please consider joining our newsletter team. With our new format, the work can be done from home and includes about 8 hours of volunteer time every other month, over a period of about a week.

CONTACT: Trudy Khosla, trudy@actonc.org
POSTED:   January 2015

Database Coordinator

Learn a new software package (Servant Keeper) and then take the lead in maintaining the integrity of the church’s database. Routine requirement is to visit church once/week to enter updates (about one hour/week, timing flexible). After you are comfortable with the software, we’ll ask you to generate occasional specific reports from the software for the staff, Clerk, and Deacons as needed, and to run an updated Church Directory monthly.

CONTACT: Cindy Schimpf, cindy@actonc.org
POSTED:   February 2015