Youth Ministry


"Youth group is a fun, spiritually inspirational group for students dealing with the stresses of adolescence to young adulthood."
- Patti Barr (parent)

Youth Fellowship

Junior High Youth Fellowship (JHYF)

Junior High Youth Fellowship meets on Sunday nights at 5:00 at the church. Led by the Associate Minister for Youth & Families and a team of dedicated and talented volunteer advisors, JHYF is a place where the enthusiasm of junior high aged youth is harnessed for fun, fellowship, and spiritual learning and growth.

Special events include, pizza and movie night, bowling; a lock-in ; laser-tag, our annual mall scavenger hunt, a 15-foot long ice cream sundae fellowship, a trip to Six Flags New England, Kimball's Farm mini-golf and bumper boat tournament, and mission opportunities that include CROP Walk and our annual spring Boston mission trip.

Senior High Youth Fellowship (SHYF)

Senior High Youth Fellowship meets on Sunday nights from 7:00 to 9:00 at the church. SHYF is led by a board that consists of a subset of the youth, working in conjunction with Interim Youth Director Jon Kerr and a team of dedicated volunteer advisors. Evening programs typically start with a spirited game or two, sometimes a little singing, followed by a topical program led by both youth and advisors - involving presentation, multimedia, possible small-group discussions, and sometimes a guest speaker. The evening is capped off with a special time of music and readings (Christian and secular), sharing, and prayer. SHYF retreats include Cape Cod in the fall and a winter retreat that typically allows time for a day of skiing.

Cafe 42

Cafe 42 is our Senior High Group that meets once a month on a Sunday morning where we challenge our youth to see the world through a theological lens.  The group has engaged with some of our guest speakers from our congregation who have shared their Christian journey with the youth.  In addition, the group has practiced in small group discussions, served home communion with our elder members and spiritual practices including lectio divina.